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Private Bank for eCommerce businesses

Banks don't understand eCommerce businesses. We do.

One-Stop eCommerce Banking

Consolidate your eCommerce banking needs with our comprehensive platform, offering streamlined data analytics and essential banking functions including IBAN, FX, and SWIFT.


Easily manage segregated eCommerce receiving accounts all in one centralized platform for enhanced efficiency and convenience.


eCommerce Underwriting

Through strategic partnerships with premier financial institutions, we harness our innovative technology and domain expertise to specialize in facilitating seamless cash-out processes.


Our services encompass navigating M&A deals and successful IPOs. Our goal is to assist you in planning and executing strategic exits with confidence and efficiency.

Global Headquarters

Elevate your global presence, strategically positioned to drive your cross-border business operations. Gain a competitive edge in the international market through our tailored solutions.


Private Wealth Management

Experience personalized financial strategies and integrated investment solutions through our private wealth management services.


We specialize in driving global asset diversity to enhance portfolio performance and achieve your financial goals.

  • What is eCommerce Private Banking?
    eCommerce Private Banking, offered by ICBT, provides a personalized and comprehensive financial experience tailored to your eCommerce business needs. Our services are designed to prioritize your wealth objectives and seamlessly integrate banking, investment, and strategic planning solutions into one cohesive platform.
  • When is eCommerce Private Banking right for you?
    eCommerce Private Banking is ideal for businesses experiencing growth in wealth and complexity. Whether you're an individual entrepreneur with expanding eCommerce ventures or a large-scale enterprise seeking sophisticated financial management, our services are tailored to meet your evolving needs and optimize your business performance.
  • How do you evaluate a Private Bank?
    To ensure you receive the best-suited services and support, consider the following factors: Level of personalized service: Our dedicated relationship managers provide one-on-one guidance and support to address your unique financial requirements. Access to comprehensive solutions: Gain exclusive access to a wide range of banking, investment, and strategic planning services designed to enhance your eCommerce business operations. Resources and capabilities: ICBT is equipped with the expertise, technology, and global network necessary to meet the diverse needs of eCommerce businesses of all sizes. Asset protection and security: We prioritize the security of your assets through robust cybersecurity measures and adherence to regulatory standards. Economic stability and reliability: Benefit from the stability and reliability of ICBT's technology, seamlessly integrating with prominent legacy financial institutions for custodial services. Even in the event of ICBT ceasing operations, your assets remain securely stored with these reputable institutions.
  • What does eCommerce Private Banking at ICBT offer?
    ICBT's eCommerce Private Banking services encompass: Personalized financial strategies: Tailored solutions to optimize your eCommerce business performance and achieve your wealth objectives. Comprehensive banking services: Streamlined banking functions, including IBAN, FX, and SWIFT services, to facilitate efficient cross-border transactions. Strategic planning support: Expert guidance on navigating complex financial decisions, including M&A deals and IPOs, to ensure strategic growth and success. Enhanced security measures: Robust cybersecurity protocols and regulatory compliance measures to safeguard your assets and sensitive financial information. Global presence and accessibility: Access banking services anytime, anywhere, through our digital platform, providing convenience and flexibility for your eCommerce operations.

We are dedicated to empowering high-GMV cross-border eCommerce businesses to navigate international markets seamlessly. Our goal is to facilitate smooth transactions, accelerate business growth, and effectively safeguard your assets.

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